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Bristol Handyman consists of highly trained and experienced team of handymen who provide a range of services to the Bristol area. We carry out general handyman jobs from fitting a light bulb to an extension on your property. Basically any property maintenance services you need, we can do.

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Plumbing Service

One of the most common services requested that we provide in Bristol is our plumbing services. Being a handyman you need a range of skills or a team with flexible & consistent abilities, and having experience as a plumber is crucial. Whether it is plumbing installation, repair or maintenance, we are the guys for the job.

Electrical Services

Being an electrician in Bristol can be challenging as the jobs for electrical services can range from re-wiring a light switch to installing large electrical systems. But no job is too big or small for the guys here at Bristol Handyman, we have the right people for the job who have had over 20 years experience in the electrician industry.

Loft Conversions

Each loft conversion we do in Bristol has been a big project. This is due to the process, which includes planning, preparation and implementation from each one of our team members. Loft conversions take more time to complete but add a lot of value to a property which makes it better for the customer in the long run.


Carpentry is a real art and the quality of finished projects on cabinets, wardrobes and worktops from the guys here at Bristol Handyman in the past have left all of our customers impressed. Depending on the object, our carpentry service can be either a long project or rather small. We ensure no matter the size of the job, we talk each client through the process.

Kitchen Fitting

Again, like loft conversions, fitting a kitchen is a much bigger job. The first thing we do is communicate with each client and go through their requirements and come to some sort of agreement and then we will proceed. We do not proceed with the kitchen fitting service unless the client is 100% happy with our plans. Depending on the design, materials and size of the kitchen, we ensure we finish the job as quickly and accurately as possible.

If you require any more information on the handyman services mentioned above, please contact us on 0117 910 4702

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